Solus Meek

I have bee going since the 90's. The staff has always been like family and it is a one stop shop for all of my pet needs. I have dogs, cats, and birds. I hope they are always there! Prices are competitive. You can also find a lot for your garden needs! The mobile pet clinic is like taking your pet to the doctor, then going shopping for treats and toys. Thank you Locke Hill! We love you!

Paul Alfred

I have been shopping at this store for three years now.  I have found the staff to always be friendly and helpful.  They have always had the food, supplies, etc that I need for my dog, and always at a very competitive price.  I have become a loyal customer, and I look forward to continuing to do business with the Lockhill Feed store for many years to come.

Carol Mouse

Have been going here for over 15 years. Buy all bird seed here, regular mix, black sunflower and thistle seed and they are happy with their prices. Also, if you have any questions about anything (they sell tons of different things here) they will help you. I've also gotten bird feeders, cat food, etc. Also, they always carry your stuff to your car for you. Just nice people.

Ike Munoz

This place I can’t say enough about. They have all your pets and animals needs plus more. If they don’t have it they will get it for you. Every time I come here I find something else I could use for my dogs. If you haven’t been here and looked around you need to ASAP.