Carlos Torrez

Good prices. Great inventory of pet foods. Very friendly and courteous.

Joshua Job Reyna

great feed store with great quality products. never expired & anything that's not in stock is ordered as quickly as possible

Skunk Blossum

I have always been served quickly and professionally by all the staff. The redesign of the shelving at the Handicap entrance is very well received. Prices are fair and great selection.

Dafne Algarin

I've been coming here for 5 yrs now. Selection of food & accessories for both dogs & cats is excellent with prices often better than online. Their recommendations of high quality food for my dogs had been spot on and they will exchange the food if it doesn't work for your pet. The Mobile Pet Clinic they host on weekends is great for your general pet health care. Best price on vaccines, meds and you can tell they love animals & what they do.

Enrique Yzaguirre

We've been coming here for three years. Feels like home as I grew up in a small town. Has that small town feed store appeal to it. Staff are very friendly. They've got feed for every type of animal. Birds to Bulls. Our vet stops by there every couple weekends and it's a mobile vet clinic so we take care of our babies and then get'em some goodies.

Mary Fortin Wilkinson

I love this store! It is my one stop shopping place when I need pet supplies. With two cats, a rabbit, fish, two birds and an aquatic turtle, I can get almost everything I need from food to toys. I say almost because they don't carry aquatic turtle supplies. Yet. Staff are really friendly and willing to help. I tell others about this place often, including strangers.

Ken Wilson

Love that they offer low cost pet clinic on the weekends and can pick up some dog bones at the same time. This place really gives you the country vibe!

Aimee Callahan Brown

Locke Hill feed is so amazing in every way! It's huge with a great selection of everything under the sun relating to feed, animals and livestock. Even parrot food, cages and accessories!

Autumn Becerra

Definitely the best feed store in San Antonio. They have a huge selection of anything you may need. I recently started buying all of my dog supplies and food from them for my American Bullies & will no longer go anywhere else.

Jennifer Christian

Great customer service with knowledgeable staff and wonderful selection of products. Our dogs love the knuckle bones!!

Patty Aguillen

I just love shopping here for my Bella

April Howington

Great place to shop. So friendly and helpful! I appreciate a wonderful good stocked store like this. Beats tractor supply!!

Losoya Lee Ruisu

A gem of a store for any pet! Indoor, outdoor, or farm animal. great customer service and always a good visit every time I stop by.

Janell Loupe Reyenga

I love the feeling a good vibe in a feed store....this one has it all!

Anna Fox

Great assortment in the city for my garden, farm and animal needs. Quality pet supplies.

Rose Preciado

Awesome variety and prices for all budgets! Prompt, kind customer service!

Courtney Hurst Bridgeman

Huge selection of quality feeds, bird toys and excellent misc supplies. I have always loved this little gem.

Maureen McCann

The BEST pet/feed store in all of San Antonio, great variety of products

Jeffrey Blake

They have a low cost vet clinic on the weekends that has always treated us well. Also I can't leave without getting my dog a beef femur. Also great place to get collars and leashes. And if you happen to be in the market for ducks and chickens they got you covered.

Sandra McQuilkin

Always enjoy this place. It's a birders paradise. Lots of gift for your critter lover friends. Wonderful assortment of items. I even found a sign that says "Attack goat!" It's way out of my way, but worth the trip.

Doc Jon

Absolutely the best place to get pet food.  They have made in the USA options, good prices and friendly staff

Haley E

There are experts who really know what their talking about,  and are passionate about what they do. Had to speak with "The Poultry Guy" because my mom and I were in a panic about one of our chickens losing their feathers. We found out she is just molting. He put our mind at ease. They have so much fun things to look at throughout the store. Its fun walking around,  and they even have a bulk section.

Kimberly Lopez

We always take our dogs to the mobile pet clinic that is held at this location on the weekends (which is amazing btw!), as a reward we will get them a few treats, toys, and they absolutely love it! They have a big selection of items and the staff is always very friendly, the pups love getting all the attention!

Wendy Hercules

The staff was SUPER HELPFUL!!  Made sure I had everything I needed to raise happy and healthy chickens!! So excited!! Thank y'all!!!

Pablo Cantu

Awesome staff. Very helpful and well informed. Prices are great.