Rachel Jo Bennett

Very nice staff. Lots to see and good deals in bulk bird seed


Love this place. Still almost like a country feed store, now in the middle of one of the busiest areas in the city. Can find anything I need and get a good look and check it myself w/o being stood over or having to find " help" unless I really need it. They know their regular customers by name and treat others as if they are regulars. Like I said a small town or farming/ranching community feed store.


Staff is always very polite and helpful. Huge variety of items for many types of animals and lawn items as well. I got hay for my garden here, bug repellent for the lawn. Items for dogs and cats, horses is extensive. Reasonable pricing. Really interesting place, loaded with good stuff!

Jonelle Henry

Prices are great and staff very helpful..this will be my spot to buy the essentials for my dog.

Tyfany B

Love Locke Hill! The people are super friendly and helpful. I can always find what I'm looking for or they are quick to order it in. I wouldn't shop anywhere else!

CW3 Ret Jose R. Valentin Jr.

Great Feed Store, my wife and I live in Boerne and we go out of our way to go to Locke Hill Feed.

Karen Blankenship

Top notch. Excellent staff. Great pet clinic.

Mecha Vivi

I never can get enough of this store. I come here to get dog supplies for great prices. Though I only have dogs now, you can buy cheap bird, rodent and other pet foods in bulk. Never have I come to this store and been unable to purchase what I need due to being out of stock. They have plenty of dog bones/chews, toys, collars, food, treats, shampoos, medications and more. Employees are always helpful and friendly too.

Patrick Henderson

The mobile pet care clinic that comes here is amazing and much cheaper than a vet's office. MPC of Texas.

Veronica Sandoval

Not expensive at all for good brands for my baby... I love it here

Mike Barboza

We come here for our pet supplies, the staff is always very attentive of their customers without following you around the store. The store is well kept and it looked like they rearranged item so it felt more open.

Pamela Cravets

All around great selection of supplies and food for all kinds of animals.

Bryan Myers

Great store, terrific staff! Always helpful and courteous.

Amanda Heatherington

Went for low-cost pet vaccinations.  The people are great.  I love this place to shop around in.  So many fascinating items.  I have a walker and have no problem getting in or moving through the store.

sunni Fernandez

I have a cat, and I buy my litter there.  I use cedar chips which are healthier for her and extremely inexpensive.  Great place for your animal needs. They sell Hay too, if you have a horse

Karen Fisher

Great place to explore and has products that are unavailable elsewhere.  Good  service


I've been coming here for years. It's a unique country feed store in the middle of town. They have a great bulk bin of grains and pellets for less common animals like parrots and rodents and chickens. During the summer they often have chicks or other farm fowl. The have horse and other large animal gear. Nice country atmosphere and always efficient and kind staff.

Kari Winton

Great place to find items for dogs, cats, horses, sheep, and even fish!  Whether it's food or medical supplies for animals they have it all.

John Garbo

Great folks...!! Everything there for horses, dogs, cats, cattle and every animal a person might own.

Edith Williams

These folks are super helpful and petfood prices are much more reasonable than most retail petfood chains.

Derek Schoenfeld

Great place for all your garden, feed and pet needs. Very friendly and helpful all the time.

Violanda Rodriguez

Good place to purchase in bulk (bird seeds, crushed corn for lining the bottom of cages, etc.) for very reasonable prices. Have purchased a feeding trough to use as a planter; also metal wire hanging baskets. They sell many things; good variety. The employees are always very helpful & friendly.

Judith Harper

Excellent place for all your dog, cat, horse etc pet, lawn and feed needs.  Great staff who have researched pet foods to help guide you, and while you're there pick up items for your lawn, farm etc.

Casey Carr

Has a good variety of products, need cat food? They've got it. Hunting for dog toys? They've got you a selection to choose from. Looking for live baby chickens? Yep those are there too. Wanting to feed the birds and need a 40 lb bag of sunflower seeds? You guessed it,  they have it. I would go more often if it was closer to home,  but even with the drive I'll still head out there occasionally


Local gem, old school business with values.  Wish there were more places like this