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Should Your Pet Be Insured?

Every pet owner comes across this scenario at least once. The scenario of what will happen if my pet gets sick or requires surgery. Pets are not cheap, but to most they are family and you can't put a price on that. However, you can consider pet insurance.

Bird Feeding Tips for Fall

As the last heat wave of summer fades, bird feeders are disappearing from backyards. Most bird lovers assume that as the weather cools and mass migration sweeps in, their beloved winged friends don't need human assistance in finding food; they can forage for it themselves.

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2017 Mobile Petcare Clinic Schedule

Attention pet owners! Pet Wellness Clinics held select weekends throughout the year at Locke Hill Feed, Pet & Lawn Supply. ** Please note: October 14th and 15th clinics have been cancelled and October 21st and 22nd have been added.